Unforseen downtime yesterday

Information about server status, longer maintenance stops etc. / Information om server status, längre underhålls stop mm.
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Unforseen downtime yesterday

#1 Post by Gramse » Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:37 am

Yesterday we had an thunderstorm at HQ that knocked out the power for about 30min. It also knocked out a fiber-optics switch at our ISP and that took a wee bit longer to fix.

But a good friend helped us host a backup server so total down time was only for 3.5hrs. our ISP manage to replace the faulty switch at around 19:30 local time, after that i think we were back on the main server an hour later or so.

But one good news is that our new database performed like a charm, it did not crash as the old one so a big thumbs up for that, now unforeseen stops due to database errors may bee in the past finally!


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