Admin clarifys why we need a forum

Information about server status, longer maintenance stops etc. / Information om server status, längre underhålls stop mm.
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Admin clarifys why we need a forum

#1 Post by Gramse » Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:48 am

Hi all Gramse here,

I would like to clarify one thing about why we want as many of you registered on this forum.

I run this server and the web server at home just because It's a challenge and it is fun.
I do not make any money at all on this I'm paying all hardware, electric bills etc my self. I have never, and will never ask for money.
I'm letting you all use this severs for free just because I am a nice guys :)

Now to the "why" it's simple, a license for Teamspeak (TS) costs money and with a active forum I can apply for the Non profit license (NPL). Which is free and will let the server grow from today's 64slot to 512slots which is a HUGE increase.

So that's why I would like you all that enjoys this TS-server to help me in achieving this goal to make grow even more.

thanks for your time and thanks so much to you all for using the TS-server.


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